Calendula Infused Oil

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Calendula Oil (Calendula Officinalis) 50ml

This oil is an infusion of Marigold flowers and has been used for centuries due to its renowned calming and soothing properties on the skin. Calendula helps to balance excessively oily skin. It can be used alone for skin conditions, or added to Almond or Grapeseed oil at 15% or more for massaging.

Calendula Oil is reputed to be among the best of healing oils available. Calendula is known for it's ability to soothe and calm irritated skin that results from a variety of skin disorders

This oil is reputed to help with sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions, also for burns, eczema and nappy rash, as well as sore cracked nipples. It is also used to treat thread and spider veins as well as varicose veins.

Calendula oil is reputed to have great healing, soothing and softening qualities which makes it a good choice to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend.

This oil can be used to make a very affective topical balm by melting 2 parts oil to 2 parts beeswax.