Camellia Oil

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Camellia Oil may possess more beneficial characteristics than any other oil. 

It is the most penetrative oil. It is very high in Oleic acid (almost 82% of its fatty acid compositions), a mono-unsaturated Oemga-3 fatty acid and other essential fatty acids such as Omega-6 Linoleic acid. Its Oleic acid composition is the highest among all natural oils. 

It has an unsurpassed absorption rate, leaving no residue (greasy feeling) 
It’s composition is 85% equivalent to human sebum (the oils we naturally secrete to protect our skin). 
The benefits to human skin and hair imparted by camellia oil are far beyond any other natural or synthetic moisturizing agent. 
It is so beneficial and benign to human biology that it can and is beneficially applied to the most vulnerable skin, broken skin and even open wounds. 

We highly recommend incorporating Camellia oil in your natural body care regime or recipes because of its outstanding qualities